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Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip into Homewood

Took a quick trip into Homewood today.
Ate at Saw BBQ (Edgewood). My lunch date (my mother) deemed it "the best BBQ in the Ham". That says alot. I LOVEd the sauce. Spicy, vingary-delicious! And if the BBQ wasn't worth the trip must try the marinated slaw and cucumbers!

I have long adored this little house in Homewood. I make a point to drive by and see how it might be decorated. It's owner decorates seasonally. I'm quite certain it must be Mary Englebright herself that dwells under that roof.

By days end, we noticed a spider in the key hole of the door of the car. My mother named him "Theodoor".

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4thelove! said...

for the love! I surf over to see what you are posting and it's another SPIDER! Im going to bed..but love that house shot!