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Friday, October 22, 2010

Briz Bowl 2010

By now you must know, if you visit this blog, that I cannot be limited to just a picture a day.
Last night was a big night, it was "Briz Bowl 210". Middle schools Simmons (where I attended) and Bumpus met on the football field in a head to head battle. But what made this so special is that the coaches of the two opposing schools are brothers. They were/are my brothers best friends. And like brothers to me. I think the world of them. So, last night I loaded my children and my momma (these boys were like sons to her) and we took in the game.
The game was well played, Simmons with Coach Brent Brizendine, was the victor.

The Brizendine women:

I saw so many of my own classmates last night, many with children attending one of the two schools. It always makes me happy to see such precious people from my past.

Lochamy, he was my neighbor for most of my childhood. His wife is a teacher at Simmons. LOVE them!

Mommas discussing "their" boys.
(Brizendine Momma Peggy and mine)

Such a special man to me even today (we have kept in touch since middle school) mine and my husbands's social studies teacher (now retired) and coach....Coach Wood.

It was a very exciting night. Congrats to both Briz men. I love ya!

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