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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party at the Claridy's

Saturday was the day we had looked forward to all week. It was the day of the grand Halloween party at my friend, "High Mae's" house. I wanted to invite you to come along too. You must see! Come on inside...

You must see her decorations (click on any picture to enlarge if any do not appear, click on the "X" and then should be there then).....

Spiders everywhere!

I LOVE the witch in the mirror. These decorations were all "wallies".

Allow me to fix you a drink...

But the decorations were just the beginning. High Mae had games planned too. The first being a scavenger hunt. What's "spooky" about a scavenger hunt? It's spooky when what you are looking for are BONES!


The children were seperated into three groups. Each group was given a clue card that contained a clue to a skeletal part, ie a femur bone, etc. The kids would go places to find the bone, even having to dig up bones in the yard. Every clue brought them to another part of the skeleton. When all were found they had to come back to their "base" to assemble the body.

Creepy enough?

The losing teams were forced (sorta) to eat brains. Marshmallow brains.

The more gross the better for kids.

After the scavenger hunt, there were cupcakes to decorate. And marshmallows to dip into bubbling chocolate ...

Following a bite to eat, there were mummy's to be wrapped. IT was a contest to see who could wrap the mummy the fastest using an entire roll of paper...without breaking the paper.

The party was a great success! My sincere appreciation to our party host, The Claridy's!
I'll leave you with a few more pictures from the party...

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