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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Sister Sledge!

My precious daughter, "soul sister sledge".....on your birthday, it was I who got the greatest gift! You!
I have enjoyed so many moments with you. You are my cheerleader (in so many ways). You inspire me.
Maybe one day I will grow up to be like you! You gots soul! And spirit. And heart.
I love that, and I love you!

For Elaina's 12th birthday, we went to the beach. All these photos below were taken on our trip.



Bama Belle said...

Love it! we hope it was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

jennifer said...


4thelove! said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! My favorite shot is the one with the "love" shirt on! The diva look off the balcony is quite fabulous as well!