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Monday, March 22, 2010

Driftwood Beach

Hi. My name is Leigh
I am a rock collector.
Shell collector.
Stick collector (my son comes by his obsession honest).

I am not alone. My mother also enjoys these past times. One of our favorite places to go for "stick collecting" is Fort Morgan Beach, where we collect driftwood. I am delighted at a beach filled with the most beautiful wave and water tossed strewn wood. I wanted to take home so much. But had to leave the bigger, most beautiful pieces behind. It was that or leave the kids. Hmm?
Here are some shots I took along the beach as we strolled in search for the perfect pieces of driftwood.


Bama Belle said...

I have a drift wood obsession as well. I posted a pic last year it KILLED me to leave behind!

Mari said...

I love these! They could all be framed. The driftwood one on top is my favorite.

jennifer said...

Oh girl, I am coveting those pieces of driftwood! I want it!!!

Glad y'all found some good loot.

4thelove! said...

Leigh....I would love to get that fishing pole shot for daddy...he's a fisherman and that is neat for his office.