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Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Day

After being gone for five days, I came home to a family who was eager to make up for lost time. I can honestly say that we are a family who loves our family time. Even my college aged son, who fully loves his college moments away equally enjoys and looks forward to coming home to quailtyfamily time. I cannot express what it means to me that those moments have never been ones he has avoided. The same can be said for all my children and my husband and myself. We relish it. We are truly crazy about one another. Its a blessing that fills me with such emotion and pride of my family.
We took advantage of the sunshine. Just long enough to throw down my suitcases, we headed to Buck Creek with the dogs for some old fashioned togetherness along the creek.

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Mari said...

My family is the same way. It is truly a blessing. Looks like you had fun, and you got some great pictures too!