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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Day Crawl

Despite what it might appear in the photos below, it poured down raining today (our last full day of vacation). The wind was strong enough to move large outdoor furniture across our balcony. That evening, I watched lighting rods touch the ocean on 2 occasions. We decided to make the best of the rain by doing some tshirt shopping and bar crawl to discover some of the islands best drinks.

We began at Lulu's, where we shopped. We did forgo the drinks with a consensus made last year...we weren't impressed by the drinks-and the prices of everything. From food, to t's to drinks, we felt everything over priced. Lulu's does have a great atmosphere though.

From Lulu's we headed to Mikee's at my request, for some of the best frozen daiquiri's on the island. We also each ordered appetizers to share, all of which were homemade. The girls raved on the food, drinks and our wonderful bartender, Cluttie.

We left Mikee's to head to Tacky Jacks to shop for more T's. The place was packed with other beach goers with similar ideas. Many had hoped to get drinks there, but the wait was ridiculous so they shopped the store. Carey and I stuck it out and got their famous "Bushwacker".....think a Wendy's Frosty with a touch of dark rum on top "to thin it out". Very good. But I think Cluttie's frozen drinks at Mikee's won me over. The rain subsided long enough to get an outdoor shot of our group.

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