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Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandpa's Roses

When we first moved into our home, eleven years ago, one of the first things Grandpa made certain to do was to plant me some gorgeous climbing roses. The roses today are so hearty, with blooms bigger than my hands, their petals look and feel like velvet.
Every year, when they bloom, I think of grandpa's aged hands digging into the earth and giving them the proper lovethey required to grown. He had green thumbs, he could and would grow anything. But these roses are a love letter he left to those inside this house. He wanted us to have something beautiful to look at and equally as beautiful to smell.  Today grandpa is 94 years old. He sits in a nursing home, asking daily for the Lord to take him home. Longing to bloom on the other side in the gates of Heaven. For my sweet Grandpa B.....

Grandpa's roses:

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