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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Since Big Daddy and I began walking last March, we have seen SO MANY critters in the forms of animals and insects. Some insects I have never seen. I wish I had brought my camera those times. But here are some I can identify and were fun to spy in the dark...

'We have seen armidillos galore. Three nightly on our street alone. And an odd one in the parking lot of Publix. Let me say, they have NO FEAR of humans....or cars. Thus their shells along roadsides.

Cute little bunny rabbit by CVS:

Imperial Moth . They are huge and so pretty! Look, it's almost as large as my hand.

Tree Frog on my window. There have been a few actually. I have lights that shine upon my house at night. It attracts flying bugs. And frogs eat bugs.

How cute are frogs....

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