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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Have you ever wondered what really is at the end of the rainbow? Who hasn't. Well today I found out. The end of the rainbow went into some lush green grass on the side of the road way. (You can click on the top photo and plainly see where the rainbow lands)

This means either one of two things:
1. The pot of gold either isn't true....or I was "SOL" or it clearly wasn't at my end. (I even sent Jack over to investigate, as seen in photo #2)
2. Does this have any bearing about the "grass being greener" expression too?


Mari said...

Very cool shot! I've never seen a rainbow with such a distinct end. I think someone else snatched it!

Luna Miranda said...

fantastic capture. i once saw the end of the rainbow on water--i wished i dived in to find out.:p

your post made me smile.

Becky K. said...

Very pretty.

We drove through a rainbow once while on a bridge. That was very cool!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Linda said...

What no pot of gold?? I'm disappointed for you! Seriously, I have seen many rainbows, but never the end...quite a impressive shot!